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Cognitec is mastered by highly skilled industry experts with more than 10 years of Data Science training experience.

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Join our special Master's programme in data science and artificial intelligence now! Enroll in Cognitec's Core Python training programme. designed specifically for programme managers, systems analysts, and software engineers. Highly qualified business professionals with more than ten years of training in data science are experts in Cognitec. Leading data science training facility Cognitec offers comprehensive training and job placement services for freshmen seeking a new career. For professionals seeking Data Science job progression, we offer superior training. In order to help each student succeed in their career, the Cognitec team's highly qualified expert Data Science trainers provide professional training in a top-notch atmosphere.

Every student receives a unique training course designed to help them learn as much data science as possible. Our team makes sure you gain the greatest knowledge possible about the topic to advance in your career. Simply decide what you must learn. Data science and AI master's programme with job placement support. Our Master's programme in Data Science & AI teaches you how to create AI applications using data science for business choices. Using the Power BI Tool Training, develop your ability to convey stories using data visualisation. Using dashboards, graphs, charts, interactive reports, and presentations, transform the unstructured data into understandable insights.

Learn to comprehend data, to clean data, to connect data sources, and to transform data into reports that are meaningful. Our certification programme in Tableau data visualisation benefits your rapidly expanding profession. Master every basic Data Science tool and approach. Sky- Our Python-based Certificate Program in Data Science will help you advance your profession. With Webinars, Free Seminars, Value Added Sessions, etc., Cognitec offers endless learning opportunities. Each and every aspirant might participate in it and gain from them. From the time a candidate enrols until they are placed in a job, the Cognitec staff is attentive to their unique needs. Performance for each person will be checked periodically. Every aspirant is mentored by Cognitec to land their ideal position as a highly skilled professional data scientist.

Every candidate receives assistance from Cognitec through a variety of programmes, including mock interviews, resume development, job search assistance, industry-specific training, etc. To fit into your hectic schedules, Cognitec offers learning help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever. Cognitec concave entries for you to full-time jobs and new employment options.

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Cognitec conducts unlimited learning sessions through Webinars, Free seminars, Value Adding sessions etc. Every aspirant could be a part of it and benefit from them.

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Cognitec team is all ears to individual candidates right from their enrollment till their Job Placement. Every individual's performance will be monitored at regular intervals.

Completly personalized Approach
one-on-one calls to monitor your progress

Cognitec mentors every aspirant to land their dream job as a highly qualified professional Data Scientist.

Mentoring you to get set for the next job
Guidence from your entrollment till your job placement

Cognitec aids every candidate with multiple programs like Mock Interviews, Resume building, Job Search Assistance, Industry specific preparation etc.

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Mock interviews

Cognitec provides 24x7 learning support - anytime, anywhere to fit into your busy schedules.

24/7 learning support
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Cognitec concave entries for you to new employment opportunities and Full-Time Jobs.

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